NANOPROTECT will successfully protect your investment for years
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Wood protection

NANOWOOD is a multifunctional water based silane system for unvarnished wooden surfaces. It adds hydrophobic and oleophobic properties for plain wood or stained colored wood. Contrary to alkoxysilanes based coatings NANOWOOD doesn't release alcohols or VOCs during application due to hydrolysis. NANOWOOD creates highly dense cross-linked networks bonded chemically to the substrate. It provides efficient and strong protection against weathering, microorganisms, soil and moisture. Low energy surface is achieved. Protection lasts up to 4 years. NANOWOOD can be painted, sprayed, rolled or in case of smaller objects they can be sunk into solution. Product is environmentally friendly.


  • wood becomes soil- and water-repellent
  • substrate remains vapor permeable/breathable
  • beading effect of aqueous substances
  • almost invisible, color of wood stays unchanged
  • easy-to-clean properties of treated wood
  • long-lasting up to 4 years
  • UV and temperatures changes resistant
  • significantly reduced contamination with algae, mould and moss

suitable uses:

  • wooden surfaces like: fences, facades, garden constructions, garden furniture, saunas, flower pots etc.

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