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Waterproof Flags offers national and advertising flag and banners. Flags are printed using digital or screen-printing method.

We offer following types of flags and banners:

  • flags made of 100% polyester 115 g/m2 ( Polyglans) using digital method, destined for outdoor use
  • flags on 100% polyester 115 g/m2 and 139 g/m2 using screen-print method - outdoor use
  • flags made of satin 140 g/m2 with glossy surface that makes colours shiny and bright - for indoor use
  • flags made of decor 205 g/m2 (matt fabric) which, allows to achieve rich and intense colours.
  • satin and décor flags are printed with one-side graphics
  • table flags, size 15 cm x 24 cm (made of polyester 115g/m2)
  • pennants, size 13 cm x 24 cm (made of satin silk)
  • banners made of frontlit a thick material with high ink saturation, very hard to tear, waterproof, UV and temperature changes resistant
  • banners made of backlite - thick medium for banner print, destined for illumination
  • a blackout - thick banner with interleaf destined for two sides print
  • vinyl foil, window foil, banner mesh

All outdoor flags are laminated with nano-layer which prevents flag from staining, soil, damp. Even during heavy rain flag remains dry and do not curl around the flagpole. Lamination of flags helps to maintain vivid colours and aesthetic and clean appearance.

Additional equipment like table flagpoles, flagpoles bases, telescope flagpoles are available.

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