NANOPROTECT will successfully protect your investment for years


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The domain of science which researches, produces and examines matter at scale of 0,000 000 001 (10-9) part a metre is called nanotechnology. Discoveries of recent years made possible to design matter at molecular size, adding required properties to the final product. Nanotechnology provides capability to overcome current global problems concerning medicine, natural environment, economy and many others.

Nanotechnology can help to achieve more accurate and suitable products for almost every aspect of your life. Refrigerators, washing machines or air filters containing nano-silver or nano TiO2 are the simple examples of how quickly nanotechnology is entering into our daily life.

Many researches still have to be conducted, but those already accomplished has brought highly effective and often momentous breakthroughs in fields of:

  • pharmacy
  • fighting infections
  • protecting from microbiological hazards
  • durable building protection
  • miniaturised electronics
  • more environment friendly energy industry
  • more economical engines etc.
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