NANOPROTECT will successfully protect your investment for years

Freeze - thaw Damage


Salt Burst




Acid rain attack


Ideal for:

  • Building facades, walls
  • All concrete and stone surfaces
  • Historic landmarks
  • Monuments
  • Engineering structures etc.

Hydrophobic nano-coatings

Moisture is the root cause of almost all mechanisms that damage mineral building materials. The porous nature of mineral substrates soak up the water containing contaminants via capillary suction. This fact causes many damaging effects to the substrate.
Preventing water ingress into a substrate structure can completely eliminate risk of damages to the substrate caused by moisture.

Conventional coatings, like polymeric prevent water ingress but simultaneously seal off the pores blocking water within. This results in inner decay of the substrate. At the same time they are not resistant to UV radiation or scratches what allows water to penetrate again.

NANOSTONE products prevent moisture to enter the substrate but sustain vapor permeable properties of it. Nano-protection is completely resistant to UV radiation, scratches and high amplitude of temperatures.

Water repellent nano-particles of NANOSTONE are smaller than the pores of the substrate. Due to this and the low viscosity, they penetrate deep into the building material and chemically bond to the inner pore walls, rendering the substrate hydrophobic. External water is kept from entering the pores, while water vapor generated from within the structure can still escape. The structure remains breathable. The side graph is a simplified illustration for this.

Best results can be achieved by combining Antigraffiti or Easy-to-Clean nano-coatings with deep hydrophobation products.

NANOSTONE water-repellent products create long-lasting protection (up to 15 years) from negative environmental effects such as:

  • Freeze-thaw Damage
  • Corrosion
  • Salt Burst
  • Efflorescence 
  • Acid rain attack

Our products were designed to combat these problems, not only increasing the longevity of treated structures, but also decreasing maintenance costs. Effective hydrophobation is possible without using inorganic compounds.

Available produts:

  • Corrosion Inhibitor
Water up-take measure


  • Vapor permeable
  • Deep penetration
  • Chemical bonding
  • No visual affection of the substrate
  • Paint or other coating can still be applied
  • Long lasting protection up to 15 years
  • Reliable protection from most damaging factors
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