NANOPROTECT will successfully protect your investment for years
Easy to clean

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Easy to clean

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Easy to clean

The image illustrates comparison between NANOSTONE particle (silane) and traditional coatings or sealants. 1nm sized particles easily penetrate the substrate and bond to it.

Easy-to-clean coatings

Private and public buildings have to be considered in terms of functionality and their representative function. Banks, bus, train or underground stations, shops all of these buildings represent form and function so they should be protected and maintained.

Everyday dust, soil and stains can still damage an otherwise attractive façade or wall. Whether mildew, algae or soot, NANOSTONE NS (easy-to-clean) products are silane & water-based nano-coatings that gives to porous mineral substrates a hydro- and oleophobic properties. This results in easier and less expensive way in keeping your property clean and good-looking.


Surfaces treated with NANOSTONE NS nano-coatings:

  • remain aesthetic much longer
  • show no unsightly dark water streaks during rain
  • are less vulnerable to the growth of microorganisms such as mold and algae
  • perform up to 8 years

Stains caused by substances like drinks and oils are easily removed from protected surfaces. Even chewing gum and posters don't stick quite so well, making removal easier.

NANOSTONE NS products:

  • provide a colorless, water-vapor permeable, hydro- and oleophobic treatment
  • do not form a sticky silicone film
  • bead water and oils on absorbent mineral building materials
  • is practically free from volatile organic components (VOC free) and solvent free

Ideal for:

  • Building facades and walls
  • All concrete and stone surfaces
  • Historic landmarks
  • Monuments
  • Engineering structures
  • Sanitary ceramics
  • Building windows etc.

Available products:

  • For Glass & Ceramic
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