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1. Mist generators

Mist generating is the most efficient way of applying disinfectants, plant protection chemicals, and veterinary preparations. Compared to the traditional spraying, our foggers offer the following advantages:

  • achieving droplet sizes from 0 to 50 µm,
  • suspending droplets in the air for a long time,
  • even covering of a room (reaching recesses and ceiling),
  • decreasing the amount of moisture introduced into a room,
  • significant decreasing of the time required for a procedure,
  • limiting the human contact with sprayed harmful chemicals.

MIST-E and MIST-E TURBO are modern aerosol generators, designed to apply water- or oilsoluble preparations. They are very efficient, have a simple design and are easy in operating. They are quieter then machines powered by a combustion engines and do not produce any exhaust.

Mist generators are specially recommended to apply nano-silver based disinfectants.

2. HVLP gun

The HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) coating gun with turbo compressor is a system for high precision painting and coating, which creates a high air volume with a low pressure, what enables even distribution of the coating on the substrate.

The maximum operating pressure of the compressor is 0,15 bar. Because of the lower level of atomisation, the user and bystanders are exposed to less health impact and the consumption is minimized.

The HVLP gun is recommended to apply:

  • anti-graffiti coating
  • easy-to-clean or stay clean coating
  • photo-catalytic coating (with nano TiO2 particles)
  • nano-silver based coating
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