NANOPROTECT will successfully protect your investment for years
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Available products:

  • ANTIGRAFFITI permanent

Anti-graffiti system

You can't take it for granted that your building will always look the way it was designed. Graffiti shows up overnight, and simply the problem can get out of control. Only immediate and complete removal discourages following attacks.

NANOSTONE ANTIGRAFFITI products will effectively and permanently protect your building from:

  • graffiti, spray paints and markers
  • soil and water stains
  • posters, gums, tags
  • micro-organisms like algae or mould
  • dust and soot repellent
  • aqueous and oily substances

Advantages of NANOSTONE ANTIGRAFFITI nano-coatings:

  • durable up to 6 years due to strong chemical bonding and penetration
  • excellent water vapour permeability
  • resistant up to 10 graffiti removing cycles
  • easy to apply, store and transport
  • suitable for all mineral substrates
  • give easy and quick graffiti and dirt removal
  • keep buildings aesthetic for years
  • not affected by extreme weather conditions and UV radiation
  • non-flammable, solvent-free, environmentally friendly
  • VOC-free
  • no film-coating effect

Whether porous sandstone or polished marble or granite, NANOSTONE ANTIGRAFFITI will perfectly protect the surface. Structure and type of the substrate demands suitable form of application and product consumption. Non porous surfaces require polishing of the products, while porous ones can be sprayed with HVLP gun. Both methods of application are quick and easy.

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